At New Chapter Coaching, we believe communities thrive when nonprofits thrive. That is why our mission is to build a better world by increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit leaders and the impact of the organizations they serve. We back this mission with our core values: cultivating high-trust relationships, utilizing strengths-based practices, and investing in high-impact nonprofits in our community.

Carolyn Sullivan

Carolyn draws upon her over 30 years as a litigation attorney, executive director, leadership coach, and nonprofit consultant to help nonprofits achieve and sustain results that change lives and transform communities. Carolyn is that rare nonprofit consultant who has led at all levels of the sector: she’s been the executive director of a statewide nonprofit and the leadership team member of a national nonprofit, as well as held every board of director office. Carolyn knows what it takes to grow and strengthen a nonprofit – the knowledge, character, and competency – and thrives on helping nonprofit leaders do just that. Helping nonprofits achieve excellence is Carolyn’s life’s work. Carolyn currently serves as the Vice President of the Central Missouri Community Foundation Board of Directors. After 24 years together, Carolyn and her life partner Elisa Glick married in October of 2017. They live in Columbia with Cleo, their 65-pound lap dog, and Samantha, their 8-pound watchdog.

Carolyn’s Strengths include: Relator, Positivity, Connectedness, Strategic, and Arranger

Jessica Macy

Jessica has spent over 20 years working in nonprofits large and small, local and national. She leverages the knowledge she gained from being an executive director, fundraiser, and a strategic process manager to create lasting positive outcomes for her clients. Jessica is a board member of Family Health Center, past president of the Women’s Network and a charter member of the Columbia Evening Rotary Club. Jessica’s one guilty pleasure is watching a lot of really bad reality TV … like all the housewives shows! Her husband, Chris, and their dog, Buddy, love her enough to look past this…and they spend a lot of time at the disc golf course.

Jessica’s Strengths include: Adaptability, Activator, Input, Strategic and Responsibility