New Chapter Coaching presents Emerging Stronger Together, a FREE, 4-part, multimedia series for those who want to improve their nonprofit organizations in the areas of HR, Operations, Implicit Bias, and Fundraising. Each Thursday in August 2021, we released a video and podcast with a New Chapter Coaching strategic partner sharing their expertise, insights, and actionable strategies to help increase your organization’s resilience.

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Episode 1: HR Resilience 

Join Tonika Starks, HR expert, as she explains the three elements of HR resilience and actionable strategies to improve your nonprofit organization.

Episode 2: Operations & Succession Planning

Join A.J. Bockelman, expert in Nonprofit Operations, as he explains the importance of succession planning and shares actionable strategies your organization can implement to increase its resilience.

Episode 3: DEI & Implicit Bias

Join Jay-Dee Bush, expert in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), as he explains implicit bias and shares actionable strategies your organization can implement to grow in this area of DEI.

Episode 4: Fundraising Resilience

Join Jaime Freidrichs, expert in Nonprofit Fundraising, as she explains the impact of fundraising on organizational resilience and shares actionable strategies to develop or improve your organization’s fundraising program.