After working with hundreds of nonprofits and social change organizations, we know the daunting challenges you face. We understand how difficult it is to find, retain, and keep good employees engaged. We know there is increasing demand to prove outcomes; demand that strains personnel and finances. We know the unpredictability of your operating environments, including everything from legislative policy to funding. To help you deal with these and other challenges, New Chapter Coaching has the following portfolio of capacity-building programs and services.


Nonprofit Consulting

Our consulting services focus on helping nonprofits assess their operating environments and evaluate their performance to make actionable changes that support sustainable growth.

Team Building, Workshops, and Facilitation

We are master facilitators with the ability to facilitate groups of all kinds for all purposes. Our sessions are known to be thoughtfully designed, interactive, and practical. Participants leave our sessions with actionable ideas for how to improve their performance and strengthen their organization.

    • Strengths-based Team Building – Every nonprofit leader wants a high-performing team; let us help you make that happen this year. We’ll assess your team’s needs and then design a curriculum to strengthen your team using Clifton StrengthsFinder™, one of the world’s leading personality assessments, or customized design.
    • Employee Engagement – Want to reduce turnover, increase productivity, or improve employee satisfaction? Let us help you develop a plan to drive your team’s performance using the world’s leading employee engagement tool.
    • Board Training/Retreats – Let us help you get the most out of your time together by designing and facilitating your next retreat or meeting. We’ll make sure meeting objectives are met, conflict is handled productively, and participants leave feeling reconnected to the mission and reenergized to do the work.
    • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team – Does your team feel divided? Cohesive teams work well together and deliver results for their organization. We will assess your team’s current capacity around the five essential behaviors of high-performing, cohesive teams. Then, we will facilitate team building based on the results to improve your team’s culture and capacity. Learn more. 
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) Consulting/Trainings Whether your goal is to cultivate a culture of belonging or integrate an equity lens into your work with those you serve, we can provide you with the set of tools you need to move forward and lead in an empowering direction. We will work closely with you to hone your DEI skills, knowledge, and confidence, but the journey doesn’t end there! Using strategies customized to your organization, we will facilitate the development of actionable goals to increase your team’s DEI capacity and enable you to achieve lasting organizational impact. We offer a variety of DEI services including trainings, workshops, action planning, coaching, as well as customized solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. Learn more about our multiple Strategic Partners who offer these services and more.
    • Skills-Based Trainings/Workshops/Webinars – Your employees are your most significant investment, and their skills don’t develop on their own. Let us help you build them. We offer a host of regular workshops and training, as well as customized content to meet the unique needs of your team. Click here for a sample listing of our workshop topics.
    • Community Facilitation – We know how to bring diverse people together for collaborative processes to build relationships and tackle vital community issues.

Leadership Coaching and Development

Coaching enables you to identify and focus on the goals you want to achieve. Coaching is the most highly evaluated leadership development tool among nonprofit leaders. Research shows that people who work with coaches are more likely to see increased productivity, improved self-confidence, and improved communication. Click here to learn more about coaching.


Roundtables are another option for leadership coaching but in a peer setting. We facilitate roundtables in two styles:

  1. Closed Organizational Roundtables, consisting of a small group of leaders from a single nonprofit organization or network.
  2. Open Community Roundtables, consisting of a small group of nonprofit leaders from a variety of organizations.

The roundtable group comes together once a month to create a high-trust, collegial community to learn best practices, share successes and challenges, and lend support to each other to achieve their goals. In 2020, we launched a COVID-focused virtual nonprofit executive roundtable to provide nonprofit executive directors the community they need to face challenges none of them have ever seen. We continue to offer the virtual option and have found major success in doing so. Click here to learn more about our roundtables.

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