When you hear the words strategic planning, do you roll your eyes? Grab your head? Pray the idea passes quickly? Strategic planning doesn’t have to be a painful, daunting process. At New Chapter Coaching, we use over 40 years of experience in nonprofit management and governance to help you create a clear plan with measurable outcomes that will drive your future success… and it is relatively painless!

So what makes our process different? FOUR things…

  1. Our process is customized. We work with you to determine precisely what your organization needs and what fits in your budget.
  2. We use a facilitative method that encourages exchanges of opinions, fosters new ideas, and helps groups reach consensus.
  3. Our process is fact-based, not about ideas or feelings! We help you gather, analyze, and use facts and data from your operating environment to systematically build a realistic plan.
  4. We leverage what your organization does best by taking a strengths-based approach to creating a plan.

Are you ready for strategic planning? One quick way to know is to take our online readiness assessment!

To keep track of your strategic plan’s progress, use our Strategic Planning Dashboards!

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