Our world spends a lot of time focusing on what is wrong. But what would happen if we focused on our individual and team strengths and worked to improve those instead of our weaknesses? This is the basis of the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly known as Clifton StrengthsFinder).

CliftonStrengths will help you discover your top five talents. Then, New Chapter Coaching will work with you or your team to determine how to develop and leverage those talents. This can be in the form of individual coaching or group team-building.  Session outcomes include:

  • Defining team members’ unique talents and those of the team
  • Demonstrating how talents can influence relationships, behaviors, and activities
  • Examining complementary team talents that amplify the value of all talents
  • Utilizing CliftonStrengths knowledge to address specific challenges and/or opportunities the team is facing

Gallup has conducted this evidence-based assessment with over 18 million people in 34 countries, providing decades of data, research, and trends. Whether you are looking to improve or are looking to empower your team to perform better, CliftonStrengths is the best starting point.

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