At New Chapter Coaching we have two different methods of workshop delivery:

  1. Many organizations have a specific skill in mind to improve or would like to bring a team together through a workshop. We want to talk with you about your needs and participants in order to craft a tailored proposal for the virtual or in-person workshops we can provide to your organization. Click here to contact us!
  2. Annually, we conduct an online webinar series. The series usually has a workshop once or twice a month for three months on various topics that generally last about 1 hour. The cost is very affordable and multiple people from the same organization can register for and attend the webinars.

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New Chapter Coaching’s past workshop topics include:

Leadership Development/Coaching

    • The Sustainability Super-Powers of Managers
    • Leading Change in Times of Crisis
    • Coaching Your Team from Great to Awesome
    • Put Me in Coach: How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your Workplace
    • The Leadership Trifecta: Self-Perception, Self-Confidence, and Self- Promotion
    • Three Essential Communication Skills – Active Listening, Inquiring, and Feedback
    • How to Manage Difficult People
    • Battling Burnout: Strategies to Transform the Way You Work
    • Leadership Sustainability: Managing Your Energy Not Your Time


    • Addressing Burnout: The Big, Bad, “B-Word” in Non-Profits
    • Preventing Burnout in Non-Profit Workers


    • Managing a Virtual Team: How to be the leader your people need right now
    • Belonging: The Foundation of a Healthy Team
    • How to Overcome the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
    • Building a High Performing Team with CliftonStrengths
    • Developing a Model for Growing Leaders – 8 Steps to Build your Bench
    • Building a Culture of Accountability
    • Building and Maintaining Trust Within Your Team
    • Virtual Teambuilding: Tools for Strengthening Your Team While Maintaining Social Distance

Employee Engagement

    • Twelve Proven Keys to Boosting Employee Engagement
    • Creating a Culture Where People Want to Stay (Belonging and Connection)
    • Managing Your Energy Not Your Time


    • Board 101 – The Basics Every Board Member Needs to Know
    • Board 201 – The Board Building Cycle
    • Board 301 – The Board and Fundraising
    • How to Recruit and Onboard New Board Members
    • What Guides Good Guidance: The Board Game
    • 4 Ways to Improve Your Executive Director’s Leadership
    • Seven Ways to Cultivate an Effective Board Chair/ED Partnership
    • Building a Board Culture that Matters
    • How to Take Your Board’s Performance to the Next Level

Succession Planning/Executive Transition

    • Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity
    • Developing a Succession Plan
    • Managing Organizational Change
    • Wait, What …. You’re ED/CEO is Leaving?
    • Change is Coming: Effectively Managing Your Next Executive Transition

Strategic Planning Best Practices

Volunteer Management 101


    • Fund Raising – What Is It? Where Does the Money Come From? And Where Does It Go?
    • There Is A Method to The Madness – The Donor Cycle
    • Fighting the Fear – How to Ask and Create A Donor Visit
    • The Power of Words – How to Craft A Good Fundraising Letter and Thank You Letters
    • It Takes More Than One Person – How to Engage Board and Volunteers in Fun

If there is something you are interested in, but it is not listed, give us a call or shoot us an email. We are always interested in developing new topics!

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